Friday, December 21, 2007


Distractions can sometimes be a good thing, but for the most part I find them not to be. I was considering trying to find a bit of my writing to post on here. I've not found anything yet, however I have managed to get a spot in the story where I've been stuck for two months unstuck a bit, by becoming distracted from my original purpose, which brings me to my topic.

Of all the things, when it comes to my writing, distractions are the worst. Quite unfortunately for me is the fact that I am my very own, worst distraction, bar none. I get distracted checking my e-mail for the millionth time during this hour, or checking to see if any of the blogs I regularly read have updated. Of course I get distracted writing comments and journal entries like this one as well. Wikipedia can prove to be a bane of mine when I need to look up a fact. It's amazing how you can get from one topic to something completely unrelated to it just because some link to another article looked interesting. "How did I get from chocolate to cowboys again?" Even the dictionary can sometimes prove to be a bit of distraction. Most of the distractions are completely my own fault, it's true. The internet is a great tool for a writer, but it is also a writer's bane. At least I don't have solitaire installed on this computer. (It's a Mac.)

Alas, I'm becoming distracted yet again... Some books I ordered came while we were out shopping and I'm anxious to read them.


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