Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I have a feeling.

I'll be doing a fair amount of writing to this fellow's music:

Jamie Christopherson

Excellent work. Has a lot of free downloads of his work on his website too. Over 100 songs... :D

I had the Soundtrack for Battle for Middle Earth II, but a lot of his other stuff is perfect writing music. It has that soundtrack feel, but not an overly soundtrack feel. It's more like an epic piece of some sort.

Great stuff.


Ian said...

Well, I don't listen to music much, nor am i that interested in it (usually), so I probably won't have any elaborate thoughts to share on this...;)

S. J. Deal said...

Probably not. Though I must say that idea seems very strange to me... I love music... Not a problem if you don't, unless you start going on an anti-music crusade! :P Then we'd have a problem.


Ian said...

No anti-music crusades today. I'm too tired...and I'd probably get beaten into the concrete.

I mean, how many other people do you know who don't listen to music? :)

S. J. Deal said...

My mom.