Saturday, January 5, 2008

Revising and the lack of plots.

As I write I find there is more and more of what I've already written that needs to be revised, deleted, added to, and sometimes just left alone. Most of the first section (I'm writing in 50,000 word segments) needs to be completely re-written, but I'm ok with that. The result has been one of a much better story where I've edited it.

But revising that first section has also revealed a major problem with my story. It's lacking a plot. The characters seem to wander around aimlessly waiting for their next cup of tea. I have lots of little sub-plots but there really is no overlaying quest or mission. I need to figure that out and soon. As well as revising it is going, without that quest, it will be boring and a reader will feel as if they are just wandering around, lost in an endless forest of words looking for a way out. As a writer I don't really want the reader looking for a way out, I want them to be enchanted by what's in the forest and wishing to see what lies around the next tree, er... page.

The lack of a plot is my current dilemma, and therefore my focus. I first began to suspect I had a problem with the plot when a friend asked me what the story was about and I couldn't tell them because I found no plot to summarize.

And with that I must get busy, developing a plot and then revising from there.

It's particularly embarrassing because the first thing I taught in a writing class I taught once was outlining the plot, and my boy student created a captivating, albeit a bit violent, story with it. At least he had a plot! Which is more then I have.

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