Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm 23 today.

I still feel like I did when I was 22 quite frankly.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This and that.

I've been sick with the flu or a bad cold since Saturday night. I don't know if it was a good idea, but I did attend the sunrise service at church, Sunday morning. Got home about eleven (AM) and promptly went to sleep. In fact I think I slept over thirty hours. That was my Easter and now since I skipped Monday, I'm terribly disoriented.

Yesterday we received a catalog for Christian Book Distributors. The fiction catalog to be exact. Though I think the Romance Novel catalog would have been a more accurate description. (Sorry to any Romance writers out there, not my thing.) Finally nearing the end of the catalog I found the section I was looking for. Fantasy. Yeah! It was half a page, but I was pleased to see Sharon Hinck's and Bryan Davis's books on there. (Unfortunately Sir. Bryan's books didn't have a picture.)

My Birthday is on Thursday. I hope I'm feeling a bit better by then.

I'm still getting used to these new mac keyboards. They are nice, and your fingers can flow over them much better then the old ones, which is good for me because sometimes I need every little bit of typing speed I can get to keep up with my thoughts. I'm just not used to such shallow keys after nearly 20 years of using the ones that are taller.

Well that's it for this post. I suppose I should try to write something a bit more meaningful sometime... I keep getting ideas about what I want to write, but then I sit down to write them and my mind goes on holiday. Most annoying.

And last but most certainly not least, I'd like to thank Frodo for (with a bit of help) banishing Sauron from Middle Earth on this fine day.

Monday, March 17, 2008


What a busy weekend it has been. Starting Thursday really...

On Thursday Evening my sister and I attended our weekly Bible Study. It's a totally awesome interactive Bible Study group for people my age, that would be late-teen to about thirty perhaps. It's mostly attended by students from the nearby Chiropractic College and a few folks, like myself, from our church. I love it!

On Friday morning my dad, sister, and myself head over to the nearest Apple Store in Syracuse, NY. The reason? Two MacBooks!
Yes, that's very exciting to me. My sister and I are the proud new owners of some really nice computers. These things are compact but they are pretty speedy. I like them. We've got the 2.4 Ghz model.

On Friday evening there was a benefit dinner and talent show at the local Christian school/our church. This is where the GIVE YOU STUFF! comes in. Our host for the night were two of the high school students Jon and Chris. They were dressed up in a costume of sorts. I believe it was your stereotypical hillbilly type of thing. First session they get up on stage and say "You tricked us! We heard somethin' bout giving money if we did this thing. We come up here and we find you wasn't givin' it to us! But as it's for a good cause we'll do it anyways." Perhaps I ought to describe their costume a bit more... Well it mostly consisted of plaid shirts, overalls that were rather dirty and tattered looking and one of them had a cap hanging down over his eyes. One of theme even didn't bother wearing shoes. Second announcement. A raffle for a free green new toyota. Yes. A Free TOYATA! For a dollar you had 1 chance. For two dollars you had FIVE chances. They did great. In between every act they'd try to get more folks to enter in the drawing, accompanied by the phrase GIVE YOU STUFF! Which of course the audience was expected to repeat. (Some little kid would always do it after everyone else though and that was kind of funny.) At the very end of the show when most of the students and a few of the teachers did their acts, which overall were pretty good, our two host come up for the last time and pull the winning ticket. After the winner acknowledged the matching number Jon pulls out of his pocket a New Green Toy Yoda. Needless to say, the audience laughed. Yoda sure has come a long way... I guess Star Wars was banned in some churches back in the day because of Yoda. Now the little green guy is being given away in a church.

Saturday Morning through Afternoon. One of our friends was having her seventh birthday party. Quite a few folks were there, but I think it was mostly the family, and three family friends. (Us and two other families I mean.) It was fun, though it's been ages since I've been to a seventh birthday party. I'll be celebrating my own twenty-third birthday next week. A person who we call "Aunt" (she's not really our aunt.) thinks that this one pin of mine looks too much like something her old Aunt Elizabeth would have worn and has been teasing me about having it. (I actually made the pin myself to go with a fake cloak of mine, the reason it is fake is because it is nothing but a recycled blanket. Hence one reason why my mom won't let me go out in it. Pity, I don't know where to get cloaks so I'm making due with what I have. It looks very hobbitish.) Our "Aunt" is a pretty awesome person though. We like her.

Sunday Morning. I intended to go to church. Problem was I overslept and woke up too late. I have a problem of being able to turn off my alarm clocks in my sleep. I might as well not set the thing for all the good it does me.

Sunday Evening. I went to a Kutless concert with our Thursday Bible study group. That was fun. Before the concert I'd only heard maybe one Kutless song. The first person to open for them was a guy by the name of Chris Taylor whose debut album is coming out next month or so. He has a really good voice... It was very pleasant to listen to. The second opening "act" was by a band called Esterlyn. I'm not certain but I think the lead singer is the son of a pastor that I really liked at a pastors conference I attended two years ago. Finally Kutless takes the stage. It was pretty cool. Before this the only people I've ever really seen in concert have been rap and hip-hop artist. (UK's M.O.D and a Philadelphia group called Redeemed Thought.) It was a pretty quiet ride home... Perhaps everyone was too tired. We did stop for a bite to eat at McDonald's on our way back. You know I think they raised their prices or something... A quarter pounder with cheese meal cost like $8.00. I was kind of surprised by that... There are restaurants where for a little more you can get a very delicious steak. We were at a tolled highway "Thruway" rest stop, perhaps that's why it was so expensive. When we met up with dad in Seneca Falls we headed over to the local food store. I just realized we bought the wrong kind of cheese for the pizza. Oh well.

And now I am working on this blog entry.