Thursday, April 10, 2008

Beyond the Reflection's Edge. A Review.

In a word? Enthralling. The book captures your attention and has you turning the pages from the very beginning. Not only does it have me in a state of not being able to put it down, I believe it has the makings of a true classic, and that is a true gem in our world today. The book starts right off the bat with gripping emotion, powerful characters, and enthralling writing. A thrilling tale is told concerning the hero Nathan and his friend Kelly. Not since The Door Within Trilogy by Wayne Thomas Batson have I found a book so enchanting as Bryan Davis's incredible first book in the Echos from the Edge series. It has the elements of a great story. A chilling villain, a believable hero, a mysterious maiden with secrets in her past, both wonderful and horrifying people, and a charmingly done ending. Throughout it all runs a beautiful, one could even say loving, melody. The book leads you through a high-paced, nonstop, action-adventure story from the first page to the last, a page that much to my disappointment was not followed by another. I literally spent every free moment reading it from the moment I picked it up.

However, I do have a few negative things to say about this book: I found certain references to rather mature subject matters to be at times unnecessary and distracting though I can understand their relevance to the story. Another negative aspect was purely my own fault but distracting nonetheless, my scientific side was revolting at one of the concepts, which being a major spoiler I cannot talk about what that concept was. As far as I know the “thing” doesn't work at all like that. (I'm very sorry I can't go into more detail about what it is.) My third and final criticism is that I felt that the impact of tragedy didn't hit hard enough as it really would in most such cases. However, in closing of my criticisms I will say that all three of them are criticisms of my interpretation of the story rather then criticism of the author.

That said, I highly recommend Beyond the Reflection's Edge as a book and as a work of literature, I cannot finish this review without complementing Mr. Davis on the excellence of his writing. It is precise, logical, and beautiful. Blending truth and beauty into a symphony of words and wonder.

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Galadriel said...

I had the great privilege of pre-reading this book. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so I will only say that after being enthralled by the world Bryan Davis created in Dragons in Our Midst and expanded upon in Oracles of Fire, I eagerly anticipated his new series, Echoes from the Edge. The characters, like those in his first two series, are realistic, relatable teens that readers of all ages can identify with. I see echoes of myself in Daryl, who constently alludes to and quotes from such favorite fantasies as Lord of the Rings and Narnia, as well as The Wizard of Oz.
My good intentions to read only a chapter of Beyond the Reflection's Edge daily evaporated. I read the whole book in less than four hours. The first chapter contained more emotion and action than some books ever reach. From there, the story builds in depth and action to an extraordinary conclusion. Unlike some books, Beyond the Reflection's Edge yields more excitement with each re-reading. I can't wait for the next installment!
I highly recommend this books for fans of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Binding of the Blade, and any other faith-based fantasy. This book has an extremely original plot line and characters.