Sunday, April 6, 2008

Why I Write: Part II.

Why do I write? In my first post about why I write I told of my desire to impact the world around me, this time I'm becoming introspective and am going to talk about what I personally get out of my writing. (In no particular order.)

1. Writing as therapy. I have found writing to be an incredible outlet for expressing my feelings and thoughts about situations that life brings. For example, there has been one particular and quite stressful situation that I've been going through for the past year or so that I have found my writing to be the single most helpful thing in helping me deal with it.

2. Writing as worship. Writing, for a Christian writer, can be a very spiritual experience. You literally start to write in such a way that it glorifies God above all else, I'm not quite exactly sure what I'm trying to say here, I can't quite describe it. But it tends to happen that you find yourself just totally thinking about our great King as you write and considering his nature. I'm constantly considering Biblical truths in ways that just come alive to me, and I learn things much better then I do from sermons.

3. Writing just because it's fun. I write because it's quite frankly, fun! You get to meet all these fantastic characters. Characters which tend to have a tendency to become friends of a sort, obviously not like real people, but they really do tend to take on a personality of their own after awhile. It's great! I find myself wanting to know what happens to them next. I don't always know where they're going to end up. That's just one of the aspects that makes it fun, there's also research and going places and other things that make it very enjoyable.

4. Writing as a form of self-education. Many times in my writing I'll explore concepts and ideas. I learn from my stories and occasionally something profound will present itself. I am consistently challenged by my own words. I think it's quite true that for Christian writers, there are times when The Lord starts to direct your writing. It's quite wonderful to see. Then there is the actual education aspect of the research. I've learned more about a number of subjects while researching some fact for my stories then i do reading something like the encyclopedia, and I find the information tends to stick in my head longer as well.

5. Writing as a way of life. One reason I enjoy writing is that it helps define who I am. I am one of those people who tend to view their artistic work as an extension of themselves. I sometimes joke with myself that my story is really just my mind written down on paper.



baddogmooney said...

cool. i write because if i don't, i'll go insane. or am i that already?


S. J. Deal said...

That's a good reason. :D