Sunday, June 1, 2008

Maryland Trip

Heather (My sister), Myself, and my Dad (not pictured) came drove down to Columbia Maryland for a book signing with Sir Wayne Thomas Batson and Sir Bryan Davis.  I suppose I ought to have known it was only the beginning of a wonderful adventure when we left our driveway early yesterday morning.  We encountered Valiant Knights, Pictured with my sister and I in the middle, roaring fires, malt beer, ripe meat off the bone!  (Well, actually it was a comfortable bed, excellent dinner at "Longhorn Steakhouse" (T-Bone steak!) and quite a bit of Iced Tea to boot.)  Not to mention a few dragons and such.  (Or where those cars?)   Sir Wayne and Sir Bryan are really nice people.  I really enjoyed meeting them, it was great.  They patiently signed my (now complete) collection of their published books.  Thanks guys if you happen to read this! 
I really, really, liked it.  I usually don't like going to secular book stores, but even so, this was great!  Got to hear a bit of reading.  That was great.  Bryan and Wayne both did a really good job reading their books.  Wayne is a wonderful storyteller.  I don't know if I've ever heard someone read with such passion!  Even though I've read that part before it was like encountering it again the first time. After the book signing we were unsure of what fine tables existed in the area, and so we went on a quest!  To find some food.  We headed towards Washington D.C. but halfway there, after wandering aimlessly in pursuit of dinner, we decided to go back to our starting point practically and eat in Columbia, at the same mall we just left half-an-hour earlier.  From there we headed to the Holiday Inn to spend the night.  It was a nice peaceful, quiet night sleep.  We didn't have anyone attempting to murder us in our beds or anything dramatic like that.  Not too much of a problem, but it's fortunate as I didn't have my sword with me.  I think my sister and I stayed up past midnight talking about all the exciting happenings upon our Adventure.  Come morning, it was time to begin our journey home again, but we couldn't pass through Scranton Pennsylvania without giving The Banshee a try.  People wonder if there is really such a thing as love at first sight.  Well, when it comes to Irish Pubs... Yeah.  Most definitely.  The Banshee is one of those places where you can just sit and relax and watch the world go by.  It's unfortunate it's 150 miles away or I'd quite likely be a regular visitor there.  I doubt I'll ever be able to pass through Scranton without visiting The Banshee.  After the Banshee we finally headed in the direction of home.  What an adventure it's been.  I've got more adventures awaiting me in dreamland however, I'm quite tired.  All in all, it was fun.  Crazy drivers and all.  There is a very nice picture of Sir Wayne and Sir Christopher Hopper upon the wall of The Banshee.  I had to look at that and most of the other pictures.  I love it there.  You can see a picture of the picture below as well as a picture of my sister and I in front of the Banshee bookshelf. 

The Banshee is a great place for writing.  I wrote a short, pretty random, poem about it while waiting for our Banshee bill.

The Banshee
Here we be
At the fine pub Banshee
Whose Irish fare
Takes good care
Of the hungry travelers we be.
Here we are.
We've come so far.
Many sights to see.
But last of all
We visited The Banshee
And now we turn home yonder.
With much left to ponder
About all we had to see.

And now I really am off to bed.  Goodnight!


Christopher Hopper said...

Yey Sir Shane! WOW! What a cool trip! AND YOU WENT TO THE BANSHEE?! How awesome is that?! I'm so stoked for you! And slightly jealous, too. You got to see Sir Wayne AND Sir Bryan AND The Banshee? Man...

Thanks for sharing your adventures online!

And next time, do bring your sword. (What were you thinking? I know, I know...didn't want to scare anyone without cause. Well, not bringing your sword along scares me! So who's more important here? Come on, I mean really and stuff!)


Bryan Davis said...


It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for driving so far to come to see us. I was truly blessed by that.

You're right about Wayne being a great storyteller. That's why I was quick to offer to read my excerpt first. No way was I going to follow him. :-)

Bryan Davis

S. J. Deal said...

Thanks Sir Christopher and Sir Bryan!

The Banshee... I wonder if I can put it into my book? It's such a lovely pub and my Elves and Dwarves would love it there.

Yes it was a cool trip. I've not been out of state since I was like six. One downside, Dad seems to have picked up some sort of bug somewhere along the way.

I don't know what I was thinking not bringing my sword. I suppose I ought to have brought it. Oh well, can't be helped now and we did make it home in one piece so I'm happy.

I'm glad! It was a very enjoyable trip and I loved meeting you and Wayne!

Her Heatherness said...

I am so glad we went on this trip. It was really awesome meeting Wayne and Bryan! :)


WayneThomasBatson said...

Shane, great post and poem too! It was spectacular meeting you guys at Borders, and thanks for making the journey. I do love to read's close to my favorite thing about being an author.

Oh, and next time, bring the sword. ;-)