Monday, August 4, 2008

Political Pictures I Find Amusing...

(This is a politically neutral post, not meant to be an endorsement of anyone in particular, I just think they're funny. The comments are my own made-up "quotes")

"Oh we're best friends now."

"Well if Dad can hang out with Bill I can hang out with Bono."

"There is a suspicious looking character over here."

"Alright, so the Secret Service position isn't available. I guess I can try to be president! Next best thing you know."

"Maybe I could be a comedian if I lose! Do you think this is funny?"

"Or if I lose, why not fulfill my lifelong dream of being a hero, but not just an ordinary hero, no, a SUPERHERO, evil doers beware, you are no match for the awesome powers of OBAMA-BOY and his super-suction ears."

"They want a recount on the Global Warming findings. It's just one of those inconvenient things I have to put up with while the Earth gets warmer and warmer and warmer..."

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baddogmooney said...

cool. Captioning is always a riot.

- mooney