Monday, October 20, 2008

CCSF Blog Tour Day Two: Beyond The Reflections Edge - A Few Thoughts

Today I'm writing about my personal thoughts concerning Beyond the Reflection's Edge.

This isn't so much a review as a blog post about my personal feelings and thoughts about the book and story. It may sound like a review, but that's not its primary purpose. Be aware that this post may contain some spoilers. As such, here are the links... I usually place them at the end of the post but in order to give the opportunity to avoid spoilers I am placing them here:

You can learn more about Bryan Davis and Beyond the Reflection's Edge at the following websites, or you can purchase the book from or from Bryan Davis's website. Check it out!

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As for my thoughts, let's start with the characters:

I really like the main characters, Nathan and Kelly. They are both vastly different and yet there is something similar about them. I like that. They work together in a way that is pleasant. They have depth and personality that is unique to themselves. It's beautiful to watch them work together. Nathan is wonderfully considerate. (For a guy at any rate.) Kelly is a fascinating character in many ways, emotional, but not overly so, strong, but not ridiculously so, and she really is a good friend to Nathan even when he fails to think something through all the way or something of that nature. She's not overly dependent on him, something I appreciate.

And let's face it, villains are hard. Mictar is an exception. You do not know what he is going to do next. There is the true element of surprise. A lot of times villains can be rather predictable. Not Mictar. (At least I think that Mictar is the villain.) As far a villainous characters go, Mictar is an exceptional one. His henchmen are equally unpredictable. (Or are they really henchmen?)

Then there is Tony. His treatment of Kelly can be maddening and yet there is a funny aspect to him. He seems shallow on the surface, but I think there might be more there then meets the eye. Liver and Anchovies pizza and all.

Clara is another interesting character. Playing the mentor role in many ways, besides being Nathan's teacher, she guides Nathan and Kelly throughout the book. It'll be interesting to see what happens with her character as the series progresses.

And movie-quoting, fun-loving, super-intelligent, the rather spunky Daryl. She's hard to forget! Makes me want to start quoting movies all the time when I read those lines!

Besides the fascinating characters I love all the cross-dimensional aspects of it. In an earlier review I wrote I found it a bit bothersome, but perhaps I kind of missed the boat so to speak... I don't know whether I think of this work as a science-fiction piece or a fantasy one, it has elements of both genres. I kind of like seeing that mix of different kinds of storytelling. I don't suppose there really is a way to travel between various spaces and times or space-times or whatever via music, and light, etc. Thus it reminds me of fantasy, on the other hand, we don't know everything there is to know about science and maybe music does play a bigger role then we currently imagine, thus it reminds me of science-fiction. Whatever it is, it is brilliant. The whole cross-dimensional aspects of the book actually to tell you the truth, thrill me to the core. I love it! It's not like most of the other books I've read.

I do think I'm enjoying the book more upon the second reading. It makes more sense to me now. The plot is a rather complex one, which might be why.

And though this isn't supposed to be a review, I do highly recommend Beyond the Reflection's Edge by Bryan Davis.

I love it!



Bryan Davis said...


Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the book so much.

Bryan Davis

S. J. Deal said...

You're welcome. I do enjoy it.