Wednesday, October 8, 2008

CSFF: The Motiv8 Fantasy Fiction Tour.

Motiv8 Fantasy Fiction Tour .
The authors: Wayne Thomas Batson , Bryan Davis , Sharon Hinck , Christopher Hopper , L.B. Graham , Donita Paul , Eric Reinhold , and Jonathan Rogers .

This week is the remarkable and wonderfully entertaining to watch via live broadcast, Fantasy Fiction Tour 2008. You might just see something interesting such as Christopher Hopper totally rocking out or doing a dance in the background while L. B. Graham is speaking. (I'm not going to let him forget that little episode.) :-D Or you can chat with the other folks that are watching. Beware of coffee, marshmallow trolls, and flying orange juice.

I'm very excited about the whole thing, despite only able to attend it virtually, via the webcam. The author's websites are above. Well worth checking out.

I look forward to what tomorrow's webcast might bring us... Another sword fight perhaps? Or maybe another totally hilarious and unexpected random moment like the one described above.

Lot's of exciting things. Sometimes, the authors will even answer your questions via the live web-cam/chat.

If you happen to be in the area, of the tour (West Coast.) you might want to try seeing these folks... Besides doing funny things, they are all very talented and wonderful authors.



baddogmooney said...

Great seeing you in the chat room Shane. maybe one day people will be reading our books.

S. J. Deal said...

Yes, I hope so!

Christopher Hopper said...

I think they'll be reading both your books!

Thanks for tuning in you guys!