Saturday, November 1, 2008

Political Pride

I usually don't like reading or writing political blog posts, but I wish to write about politics for once.

This post is to bring up an issue that is of importance but ignored.

Politics. There are parties and individuals, all of them with many merits and failures. But looking around at the opinions flying of the shelves in the last few months I think that maybe there is just a bit of pride involved. At what point does a person become so concerned about a political view that they cease to be concerned for another person? It seems to me that we truly do not appreciate the value of human beings. We hold ridiculous ideas ahead of them? We're not even talking about truth here, I'm talking about issues of relative non-importance to the human soul, economy, social-security, and more issues then I can count. Why do I call the economy a non-important issue? Simple, it really shouldn't matter us whether we be rich or poor. People are people regardless of how much or how little they have.

There are of course several very important issues that are indeed important and "soul-impacting" in their outcome. For good or bad they do affect human life and dignity far more then the non-important issues like economy, and other things of that nature.

In the end it all comes down to pride. Pride of the candidates, pride of parties, and pride of the people. Pride is what makes us say "I'm better then they are." which is exactly what people of every type are saying everywhere. Liberals are better then conservatives, republican's are better then democrats, and vice versa. Biden is better then Palin, McCain is better then Obama... You get the picture. Even the third candidates are not exempt from the political pride. Indeed one of the things that always turns me off about the third parties is that they tend to be very arrogant and filled with pride. If possible, more so then the major parties and their candidates do. Though I've seen it in past elections in the Constitution Party, I've not researched them enough to know if their current candidate is a man of pride or humility. When we see the candidates start to attack each other, once again pride and ego are too often at the center of it.

This is what makes Aragorn such a wonderful king. His lack of pride. Here he is the greatest of men in middle earth and his rule is characterised by his humility. It was what made Moses such a great leader for the wandering Israelites. In King David we see some examples of humility and of pride. There are examples all throughout history of great leaders who walked in humility. It seems to me that the greater ones, the ones who we look back and honor are the men who were humble. Not always, but more often then not. The most admirable leaders in history and literature are those who are humble.

I know I verge on moralism by what I'm about to say, that is not my intention.
I for one am tired of a country divided by political parties. Let's take sides and puff ourselves up. Even the followers are like that, not just the candidates. If these candidates, if these political activist, these supporters, these republicans, democrats, liberals, and conservatives really wished to solve anything they would begin by tearing down the political walls and pursuing righteousness. Namely, learning to walk in humility. Name an issue, it's solution is almost always getting yourself out of the picture. In my mind a good president is several things: First he is a man of principle, he walks uprightly in righteousness and truth. He is a man of high moral standing. I'm sorry, but contrary to some ideas, personal morality does matter in a leader. I suppose we ought to elect Hitler if it doesn't matter. He is charming and promises hope for the future after all. (No I'm not taking shots at our current candidates.) His problem? Personal morality was absent. A man filled with hate. I do not like the lack of integrity in our candidates. To be honest, I notice it stronger in John McCain then in Obama. Though both are lacking.

I'll start with John McCain. A true flip-flopper. He is hardly pro-life. (Appearing to me to be what I call "Will Be Pro-Life for Votes!") The marriage side of his life should be as appalling to us as the actions of former President Clinton were a decade ago. And it seems he has a tendency to lie a lot. I heard he has a nasty temper as well. I don't hear a lot about his moral faults however. Perhaps I'm wrong.

Obama, while a decent family man in support of the role and responsibility of the father in raising a family, suffers from one ailment of lying, two or more counts of questionable ties, a tendency of secrecy, and his biggest fault by far is his disrespect for human life. There really are no excuses for not telling the truth, and for disregarding the importance of human life. All human life. He does however have one good thing about him. He tells you what he thinks frankly. Whether it is true or not, is up for debate. And perhaps I'm wrong here too.

As for the third party candidates, I haven't been following their personal lives closely enough to know if they are morally courageous people. Folks who will take the cost of doing what is right. Though I must admit, that the Constitution party's candidates usually have a little more morals then the rest of them. I have a number of other reasons I do not particularly care for that party however. They talk about being very constitutional in their ideas, but seem to get in a jam when someone they disagree with shows up.

Second: A president must be humble and self-sacrificing. He must truly see the citizens as being better then himself. He must be the kind of leader who will personally stands in harms way in order to protect his people. He must not view himself as above the other people in the country. Unfortunately I can only think of a few example and most of them are fictional characters. I'm sure there are more but: Aragorn from Lord of the Rings, king Luik from Christopher Hopper's books, Wayne Thomas Batson's King character, and of course Moses.

Third: A president's duty must be to be honest, and to be frankly honest. If the country is in grave danger from within or without it is his duty to give us the truth.

Fourth: A president must be fair but just. It is this factor that makes it hard, because a president's role is one of representing everyone. Everyone. He has to represent those with whom he doesn't agree with. To do that without compromise, I do not know if it can be done. In the end there must be a line of tolerance, still... The best president limits government power rather then overextends it, wavering on the side of liberty over law. Though with every good exception there seems to be a bad one.

In the end, it is important that we get out and vote, but with whoever wins we must not throw celebrations that the other lost. Oh we can be excited for our choice, but I do not relish seeing celebrations of defeat.

A few thoughts, and if they make sense, congratulations, because it doesn't make sense to me. :-D


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Grant said...

Well said!!

There have been times when our country's leaders have actually pushed all the party rubbish off the table, rolled up their sleeves, and worked together to solve problems. World War Two was such an occasion, and it would be wonderful to see such cooperation yet again.

It's time to see it more often, than seeing it once per generation. We need leadership, not politics. :-)