Saturday, December 6, 2008

Done with Part Eight.

I know, you're probably saying. "Wait a minute... Didn't you just finish part nine?"

Yeah. I did.

But I had to put Part Eight on hold. Now I have finished that as well.

I'm fast approaching my word count goal, which I expect will be vastly reduced during revision.

Even so, I'm hoping to divide it as a trilogy when it's finished. In the meantime, working on it making it the best I can. As far as publishing goes, it will not likely be the first book I attempt to have published. That may not come in fact for another two or three completed books. (Which will likely be quite a bit shorter then this trilogy will be.)



Chris said...

It's time to get out of your book and write about life for a few moments : )

S. J. Deal said...


Chris said...

Something more like... "It's only 4 more days 'til Christmas. I was thinking that elf oolong paired with happy general cookies re a perfect match for the holiday," etc. Despite the conviction of your defiant NO, still I must protest.