Thursday, January 22, 2009

Of Presidents and Technology.

Whether you agree with him or not the new website design for the White House is better then President Bush or Clinton's websites:

Well it's much better then President Clinton's. President Bush? A little better. President Clinton's site was basically a list of links. President Obama's has better graphics... Not sure if it's easier to navigate then President Bush's site.

There is a certain amount of hilarity in the President using YouTube for his weekly address. I mean back in the old days it seemed like the Government hosted just about everything for themselves, and now the President is just using YouTube. They do have a copy for download... But still... YouTube! I think someone needs to found GovTube or something.

Government websites usually have the worst design ever. I do have to hand that to President Obama, at least he's got good website designers. Now, let's just hope the trend spreads to the rest of the Government websites. Some of them still look like they were designed in the 90's... Probably were!


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