Sunday, February 8, 2009

Of Book Signings and Pubs.

We had an awesome time going down to The Banshee in Scranton, PA yesterday. Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper were doing a book signing/lunch and we decided to go to it.

We left our house about eight o’ clock in the morning, it’s a three hour trip but we wished to give ourselves the extra hour in case we ran into trouble along the way. After rest stops (The New York welcome building has WiFI!) and such we arrived about 11:30 at “The Banshee”. After being greeted by and greeting Sir Wayne and Sir Christopher, we sat down at a table.

It was a tremendous afternoon. Food, fun, and great conversations. Sword fights and book readings, we had a blast! A news station even showed up! It was a fun afternoon. Glad to have done it.

Besides the wonderful time we had with Sir Christopher and Sir Wayne, we had a great deal of fun on the ride as well. The most fun part of the trip was obviously the book signing event, but the rest was still good. Dad drove Heather and I down, it was good to spend time with him. We were all tired by the time we got back to our house, but during the trip we listened to a lot of music by a wide variety of musicians and genres and were having a pretty good time. I brought a book with me to read but it was forgotten in favor of scenery. When I read I tend to get totally absorbed. Even though we traveled nearly the exact same route in May of last year on our trip to Maryland I still enjoyed watching the scenery.

I find I like traveling. But I probably wouldn't like obsessive amounts of it.

On the subject of Scranton, I was thrilled to be visiting Scranton, when I put a scene in my book that takes place at "The Banshee" I was bit by the "Must Visit The Banshee Bug"... That was in November. If I had time I would have walked the same route that my characters did one evening.

In my book a group of Dwarves were visiting "The Banshee" and enjoying it very much. They were not there yesterday, must have been somewhere else. :-) Still it was kind of cool to stand in a spot that my characters stood in. I think I'm going to have to have the Dwarves visit our local pub.

Speaking of our local pub, we visited it as well for our dinner. It would have been a nice quiet evening as there were hardly any other customers except for a large but quiet party at the longest table or groups of tables... Not sure what they did. It would have been a nice quiet evening except that about five or ten minutes after we sat down the fire alarm went off. (It turned out to be a false alarm that someone accidently set off by hitting the alarm button on the forth floor.) Needless to say everyone had to leave the building. It wasn't too cold out yesterday thankfully. Most people hadn't grabbed their jackets. Glad it was a false alarm.

I also found that the local pub serves excellent salads, and they will let us bring our own dressing in the future. (Which is good because we have allergy issues to worry about.)


Grant H. said...

Glad you had fun!

One day roadtrips are very fun, with lots of adventure to be had.

Your pub looks fascinating! Wish we had an authentic one around here to go to.

S. J. Deal said...

Just another reason to come on up North. ;-)

Chris said...

Nice entry Shane. One of these days we'll have to make the trip to the Banshee...who doesn't love a good Irish pub!