Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CSFF Blog Tour Day Two: Ten Sure to Fail Predictions About Book Four.

Raven's Ladder by Jeffrey Overstreet
Before you read any further, please, SPOILERS are definitely present. If you have already read the book, or don't care if it's spoiled for you, read on:

My sure to fail predictions about what we'll see in the next book, mostly based on thinking about what I learned in Raven's Ladder:

1. Auralia will make a definite appearance.

My reason for thinking so? In a lot of literature, the end of the story usually has some appearance of all the major characters both living and dead. In truth I think we've already seen her, but I'm not sure yet.

2.We'll see a union, most likely romantic, but perhaps political as well between House Abascar and House Bel Amica.

My reason for thinking so? Aside from liberal clues dropped about romances between Abascar characthers and Bel Amican ones, we see a reforming of Bel Amica is in progress as well as Abascar. I'm looking for some sort of strong alliance between the two.

3.House Cent Regus will either rise above it's problems or will completely fall.

My reason for thinking so? Too much storytelling has been invested in house Cent Regus to not have some sort of payoff.

4.We'll learn the true identity of The Keeper.

My reason for thinking so? I believe much of what we learn in Raven's Ladder is a case of narrative misdirection. We believe what we see because Cal-Raven believes what he sees, but what we see isn't what it is all about.

5.King Cal-Raven will return to Bel Amica with far more clarity then he ever had before.

My reason for thinking so? It depends on whether he will be purified by the challenges or if he enters into something a little more dark and depressing. But I suspect he'll be purified, refined, and things will be made clear to him. Leading towards an end where he reaches a state of kingly perfection. In literature it's not at all uncommon for things to go from dark and depressing to purifying to perfection. We've seen Cal-Raven pass through the darkness already, and now he's dissolving into something else. I believe we'll see him arise a whole new man.

6.We'll learn the truth about what becomes of Queen Jaralaine and Jordam.

My reason? Narrative misdirection striking again is part of it, but more because I think the truth will decide much of House Cent Regus's future. If for example King Cal-Raven were to learn of Jordam's part, how would he react to that? If Cal-Raven and Cyndere form a sort of a attachment I can see him having to choose between her or his own desires. Would he forgive Jordam or would he seek to eliminate the beastmen? I don't know. Yet I think we could see a tension forming between Cal-Raven, Cyndere, and Jordam in our final book as a result of this. Or we may learn that Jaralaine is fine, but if we do learn that, it'll be too late to take things back.

7.We'll see something of House Jenta.

My reason for thinking so? We've gotten a glimpse of all the houses except House Jenta. It only makes sense that we at least see a little of it before the story is over. How much we see remains to be seen, but I do think we'll see it.

8.Scharr ben Fray moves into the spotlight for a moment.
My reason for thinking so? Scharr ben Fray has been woven throughout the story as if he's a major character, but he remains a mystery. We'll learn more about him, perhaps even follow him a bit, but he will still remain a mystery at the end of the story.

9.Something will happen.

My reason for thinking so? It's a story. Something always happens near the end.

10.I will prove to have been a complete lunatic in my predictions, except for this one.
My reason for thinking so? The real book four will prove to be completely different then what I think it will be.

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As part of the CSFF blog tour, I received a free copy of the book from the publisher.


Rachel Starr Thomson said...

I totally agree with Number 9.

Love your predictions, especially the parts about narrative misdirection. But Cal-Raven and Cyndere? You really think so? After this last book I really should stop guessing who's going to end up romantically involved with who, but I think Cal-Raven and Emeriene is more likely (if her husband dies. Which I predict he will. There, I'm doing it too!).

S. J. Deal said...

I was thinking Cyndere as an extension of a Jordam/Cal-Raven/Cyndere triangle of sorts in the possible plot-line deriving from what happened with Jaralaine, other then that I too would have to say Emeriene is the more likely of the two.

But I'm horrible at predicting romantic outcomes, so take those with a block of salt.